• What are the Financial Responsibilities of a Social Enterprise?

    The board of a social enterprise has some key financial responsibilities. Just like a for-profit company, a social enterprise must have excess funds in order to grow. It must also wisely spend its funds on necessary expenditures and worthwhile projects…. Read More

  • The Importance of Friend and Fund Raising for Nonprofits

    One of the key responsibilities of a board member of a social enterprise (my term for a non-profit) is to make friends for the organization. In the world of social enterprise, having individuals, corporations, and foundations interested in a social… Read More

  • 3 Steps to Tackling Your Toughest Decisions

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  • Promote Accountability Without the Groans

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  • The Importance of WHY

    Why is a big question, with an answer that isn’t always easy to pin down. There’s a reason children love asking “why?” over and over. It’s an exercise in understanding, and when put to use in a business setting it… Read More

  • Hiring an Executive Director or CEO for Your Social Enterprise

    One of the most important jobs of a board of a social enterprise, also called a non-profit, is to hire, supervise, review and if necessary fire an Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer/President. Whatever the title, this person has the responsibility to… Read More

  • What Does a Nonprofit Board Do?

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  • Tips for Retaining Top Talent

    Finding and holding on to top talent can make all the difference in a small company, and retaining top talent isn’t always easy. But, it’s worth it. Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice-President of Google’s People Operations, noted on an episode of… Read More