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Open Communication Is The New Normal

Business leaders want to hear from their employees, and encourage open communication in the office.

Business leaders want to hear from their employees and encourage open communication in the office.

If you want to see how management continues to change, take a look at the high-tech offices. Previously, corporate management sat behind closed doors. These days, upper management sit right beside other employees. In the past, workers had to sit at cubicles and were afraid of speaking up. These days, they have the luxury of chatting with their supervisors as they sit side by side with one another. This change in landscape is driving a new wave of communication in the workplace. One that is more open to employees and management.

Deeper Transformation Under-Way

Long-held assumptions concerning the importance of open communication have suddenly culminated into something tangible. This breakdown is in large part a direct result of social media. Now, social media tools allow employees to openly communicate across the corporate hierarchy. There is no more hierarchy. Instead, everyone is on the same level playing field in the workplace. And this allows for much more business success in the long run. With the spirit and tools of social media providing a much more open working environment, businesses are starting to see the benefits of this new open communication style.

Social Media Transformation

With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat continually on the rise with millennials, open communication is here to stay. Since millennials now make up such a significant portion of the working population, businesses are now trying to find innovative and unique ways of reaching this segment of the population. Being accustomed to constant connection, business leaders are changing the way they communicate with their employees, and people are noticing. The new habits are infiltrating workplaces everywhere creating a new mode of communication that can really benefit a business overall.

Social Media For Companies

Recently, there has been a significant push towards social media tools inside businesses. This new realm is something that is still being explored. Everything from wiki to microblogs, there are a variety of new and innovative tools being used to get employee feedback in an open and non-invasive way. When employees feel like their voices are actually be heard, they are a lot more productive and can really do great work.

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