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Benefits of Corporate Mentoring Programs

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Learn about the benefits of corporate mentoring programs.

Corporate mentoring programs are incredibly beneficial for forging business relationships between professionals who have different levels of career experience. These relationships turn into an engaging way to share perspectives from years of experience and innovative ideas from mentor to mentee and vice versa. Become more involved in the direction and growth of your career through corporate mentoring programs.

Becoming a Mentor

Many successful people point toward gaining valuable advice from more experienced professionals as a key element in getting them where they are today. But to be a mentor, there first needs to be a willingness to share those experiences with other, usually younger professionals. You must also be confident in your knowledge and skill-set in order to impart that wisdom to others. As much of mentoring depends on communication, there also needs to be a willingness to build a relationship with your mentee; a rapport that encourages freely sharing advice, things that worked well in your own career development, and what to avoid. Set aside time on a weekly or monthly basis to have lunch meetings with your mentee, to update them on your career, discuss various industry-related topics, and learn about their aspirations. Becoming a mentor allows you to explore the ins and outs of your own career more, transcend perceived generation gaps, and exercise muscles that you don’t usually use on a daily basis.  

Seeking a Mentor

Having a source in your life from which you can draw career guidance and advice is a valuable tool for emerging professionals and those who are switching career paths. It will give you access to inspiration, industry knowledge, and an objective voice. Seek those who hold titles that you aspire to have and whose educational background is similar to yours. Remember that it’s all up to your mentor to do all the work to foster this relationship. You should research the right questions to ask and topics to discuss.

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