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What Millennials Are Looking For From Business Leaders

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Learn what millennials are looking for from business leaders.

As a business leader, you may not consider the importance of learning what your younger employees are looking for in a boss. Learning how to best engage with your younger employees, you can help bring out their best efforts. Millennials, in particular, require different management strategies. Bridging the generational gap is useful for all your employees, but especially when bringing in younger ones, as they may be key to your continued success.  

Business With Purpose

Studies have shown that two out of three millennials choose their place of business because they believe in its purpose. Of those working in businesses who do not have a clear purpose, approximately four out of five were unsatisfied. Millennials put working for a cause they believe in higher than any group. Make sure you share your passion and vision with them/

Interpersonal Skills

When asked what they look for in a leader, most millennials point to someone who can inspire and communicate effectively, and who involves others in decision making rather than simply making decisions alone.   


While many older generations often believe that businesses should stay out of politics, a high percentage of millennials have a very different opinion. Most are more likely to support a business if it voices statements on controversial issues. This is because many millennials believe that the those in positions of power have a responsibility to use their influence.

Open Floor Plans

The setup of your office space may not seem like a big deal, but to many millennials, it can make a huge difference in workplace happiness. Not only does an open floor plan allow for better communication, but it can allow younger workers to get a better feel for the bigger picture and work styles of their older co-workers.  

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