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The Importance of WHY

the importance of why

Understanding the WHY behind your social enterprise can help you focus your goals.

Why is a big question, with an answer that isn’t always easy to pin down. There’s a reason children love asking “why?” over and over. It’s an exercise in understanding, and when put to use in a business setting it can help you and your business set goals, focus, and succeed. Today we are going to look at the WHY behind social enterprises, also know as nonprofits.

The Big WHY

Why does this organization want to do what it’s setting out to do? More personally, what motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work? A successful social enterprise requires a board full of directors that understand why they are involved in the kind of activism the organization does.

The Detailed WHY

Why is the organization pursuing a particular goal? How does this project or initiative help the social enterprise meet its goals? By seriously considering the WHY behind the organization’s actions, a board can focus the direction of a social enterprise to make the strongest positive impact. Understanding the reasoning behind each board member’s motivation as an individual and how those impact the reasoning behind an organization’s directives can only help a social enterprise sharpen its focus and meet its goals.

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