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Is Talking About Failure Really Taboo Anymore?


Sometimes talking about our failures allows others to learn from our mistakes.

Although failure is widespread with start-up businesses, the word “failure” in business has always been a bit of a taboo. However, today failure is a positive thing in the startup world, and some even celebrate failure as much as success. When investors see founders have failed with a previous business, they don’t see a negative. Instead, it reflects that they aren’t afraid to try something new, they’ve learned vital lessons from those mistakes that likely won’t happen again, and they are always innovating and growing as entrepreneurs.

The Positives Of Failing

When an entrepreneur is afraid of failing, it shows investors that they are not open to taking risks and are not passionate about making the business as successful as possible. But when a founder is honest about any failures or mistakes made and shares them openly, the investor sees that they are credible and reliable. Also, the investor sees that they’ve internalized the mistake and will be more perceptive the next time something similar happens. When a founder can be completely open and honest with an investor about their failures, they are setting themselves up for a much healthier and beneficial relationship.

Know When To Keep Going

While it is common for startups to fail within a short amount of time, entrepreneurs should be careful about failing too quickly. At the first sign of trouble, it can be wrong to give up because they’re no longer afraid to fail. Sometimes, the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who try their hardest not to fail and attack the problem from all angles to find different solutions. Even though failing is seen as a positive in the startup world, hard work and relentlessness will also take entrepreneurs and founders much further.

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