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Promote Accountability Without the Groans

promote accountability

Accountability is important for making sure things get done, but push too hard and you’ll come off as overbearing.

Accountability in the workplace is vital to ensuring work is getting done and your employees are making the most of their time. A good accountability strategy empowers workers to let their bosses know they’re doing good work and provides a way for discussion if work isn’t being completed. But a poor accountability strategy can feel overbearing, like someone is peering over your shoulder while you work. If you’re having trouble promoting accountability in your workplace, take a look at these tips and try working them into your strategy.

Be Open and Honest

If employee accountability is a big thing for you, make sure your employees know that. The clearer the expectations and communication, the better your system can be implemented. Not letting employees know your expectations from the start will lead to the exact thing you’re trying to avoid: a lack of accountability.

Hire the Right People

Hiring the right people might be the most important and difficult job a manager has. When interviewing a potential candidate be sure to discuss accountability with them. What does it mean to them? How have former employers dealt with accountability? Discuss your system and ask for feedback. The answers to these questions should help you determine how the candidate will handle working in your system.

Stick to the Numbers

Few things are more frustrating than a system of accountability based on intangibles. The best strategy is to favor quantifiable goals. Are your employees meeting their deadlines? Are they meeting their sales goals?

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