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How To Improve Communication In The Workplace

Learn how to improve communication in the workplace.

Learn how to improve communication in the workplace.

Professional relationships are similar to all other types of relationships- without communication, it does not work. Proper communication is essential to a company’s success, as employees are more likely to disengage when they feel as though they are out of the loop in the office. Continue reading to learn a few tips on how to improve communication in your workplace.

Communication Friendly Office

As a manager, one of your main priorities is to make sure that your workers feel comfortable sharing ideas in the office. If you don’t ensure that there is a constant flow of communication with employees, it’s common for workers to feel as though they shouldn’t speak up or offer opinions. The best way to encourage discussion is to set an example and work on your communication with everyone in the office. Talk to your team in groups and individually to ensure everyone feels heard and valued by the company. Also, encouraging social interactions in and outside of work is a great way to allow employees to get to know each other on a personal level and open up deeper conversations.

Open Meetings

If you hold meetings where no one is speaking up or offering comments and concerns, you have a problem. Your weekly team meetings should consist of hearing ideas from workers on every level, not just the management level. If a few members of your team are still shy about opening up, allow them to write down questions or comments anonymously. Although this may not be your ideal situation, many employees feel nervous about voicing certain concerns, and granting them anonymity may be enough to get them to write out those thoughts and move towards a resolution.

Online Channels

In a large office, face-to-face communication isn’t always possible every day, so incorporating online communication channels is a great way to ensure employees stay informed. There are many tools out there that allow you to chat with employees, send public recognition for jobs well done, and have some fun with your team.

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