How To Improve Your Networking Skills

Learn how to improve your networking skills.

Learn how to improve your networking skills.

While some business owners are naturals at networking and building their professional relationships, others have a hard time meeting new people and selling their business or brand. Networking is an art, and it takes some practice to be comfortable with developing new connections. If you have a hard time networking and need some help improving your skills, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Be A Good Listener

Some people may use networking events to sell themselves and their business, but many use it as a place to build relationships. There are typically two types of people, those who like to talk, and those who prefer to listen. For those who get nervous talking to new people at events, know that being a good listener is extremely important for building a professional relationship. Asking questions allows you to use your listening skills to get to know others on a deeper level. For example consider the acronym FORE (Ask them about Family, Occupation/ business, Recreation, Expectations.) A new connection will like that you took the time to ask more in-depth questions, which increases your chance of forming a real relationship.  

Small Group Settings

If you tend to get nervous in a large crowd, go to as many small networking functions as possible. People who have trouble networking are typically introverts who prefer small group or one on one conversations. However, you don’t need to shy away from large networking events altogether, as they are crucial for furthering your career. Instead, arrive early to the function, so you have the chance to speak to a small number of people before the crowds pour in. The event room will likely be much quieter and calm before the majority of attendees arrive, allowing you to feel more confident in introducing yourself to a few new people. The ability to make a first impression and have a lasting conversion is beneficial as well, as people are much more likely to remember you and follow up after the event. Be one of the last to leave for the same reason.

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