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How to be a Good Business Coach

How to be a Good Business Coach

There are no clear guidelines on how to coach someone correctly. But a good way to check on yourself and to make sure you are doing a good job is to ask yourself: “How would I run this business if it were my own?”

When I got into business advising years back, I thought about the main struggles I was faced with as a young business owner. I thought about what advice I would have wanted and what could have changed everything for me. As the owner/CEO of a multigenerational family international publishing business, an award-winning commercial food service design firm, as well as an Executive Director of a not-for-profit, I gained invaluable and diverse experience that I can now pass on to business owners.

Not only does my experience help when dealing with the unique needs of clients, but it has also created a sincere and empathetic approach to my advising. I know the challenges they are facing and I know the hardships they have to go through. I genuinely want success for my clients, and I know how hard that can be to achieve. I have to put myself into their shoes and learn to love the business as if it were my own.

The main thing I teach my clients is that you have got to have a plan. Strategy is key and you have to have all the steps laid out in front of you in order to avoid small mistakes and stay on track. When there are bumps in this plan, you can’t let it discourage you. It takes time for a solution to show itself and you have to keep your eyes on the end result.

While a plan is crucial, you also have to be flexible. Things can change in an instant and it is important to act quickly and strategically in order to stay on track for your end goal. There is nothing worse than getting stuck on the day-to-day tasks and not leaving any time for innovation and new ideas. While this may keep you afloat temporarily, remaining stagnant and failing to adapt will only lead to failure down the road. The same goes for coaching.

Not only is a plan essential, but you have got to have confidence. They must be willing to take risks and can’t back out as soon as the outlook is bleak. I put the same confidence and dedication into my business coaching. It is crucial to stick by your clients and get the best possible outcome for them even when you fear failure for the both of you.

I coach myself like I coach my clients. The laws for success are essentially the same when you have the same goal in mind. Take experience, risks, mutual understanding, innovation, strategy, and a willingness to never give up and never stop growing.

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