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Hiring an Executive Director or CEO for Your Social Enterprise

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An Executive Director and the President of the Board will have to work very closely and need to maintain open channels of communication.

One of the most important jobs of a board of a social enterprise, also called a non-profit, is to hire, supervise, review and if necessary fire an Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer/President. Whatever the title, this person has the responsibility to run the day to day operation of the organization. The day to day functions includes financial, fund raising, marketing, human resources, facilities, public spokesperson, etc. This puts a large amount of pressure on a board to choose the right person for the job. What is it that makes a good ED or Chief Executive Officer? What should board members consider when interviewing candidates?

  1. Are they passionate about the Why and the Vision of the Organization?
  2. Do they have great leadership skills?
  3. Are they good Communicators both written and oral presentation skills?
  4. Do they a vision or where they think the organization should go? Is it consistent with the Boards strategic thinking?
  5. Do they have the ability to run the business functions of the organization?

Once you hire the Executive Director, the Chair or President of the Board must work very closely with each other. They should maintain open communication, meet on a regular basis. Part of these meetings show be reviewing the policies and goals with the Executive Director. The Board Chair partners with the Executive Director, but does not run the day to day organization.

The Board and the Chair need to understand that they each have their own function. The Board to set the policies, and goals for the Executive Director Review the Executive Director based on the how the executive Director follows policies and accomplishes the goals set. It is very important the Chair and members of the board do not interfere with the Executive Director’s running of the organization.

When the Board, Board Chair and the Executive Director work together understanding their roles social enterprises should grow and prosper.

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