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Engaging Your Audience Virtuall

Engaging Your Audience Virtually

Networking and communication in the business world is crucial to say the least. Without it, businesses would never be able to expand and grow to their fullest potential. But how can you maintain momentum and string communication during a pandemic with little to no person-to-person interaction?

Allan recently spoke with Robbie Samuels, host of “On the Shmooze” podcast and author of “Croissants vs. Bagels.” Samuels’ weekly podcast features interviews with successful individuals about their journey to success and building a professional network. Samuels is also a business strategy coach, Ted Talk speaker, and networking expert from Harford business school. At the start of the pandemic, Samuels had to think fast and wrote the article “9 Ways to Network in a Pandemic.” Then he started by hosting his first virtual happy hour.

He then created a weekly formal event, hosting as many as 800 people, to create networking opportunities. He also began a 4-week program to certify people and train them on how to become more engaging online. This course outlined how to use technology to start networking, meeting, and running a business online, specifically on Zoom.

“We can’t just be replicating the events we had in person online, we need to re-imagine them using all the digital tools available,” says Samuels. This is the most crucial part of adapting. It cannot be expected that things will be the same. A whole new method needs to be designed and mastered. There are a number of features that many do not even realize exist on Zoom that can complete change how it is used as a tool. Techniques for facilitating the meeting and keeping attendees engaged is also a new challenge without in-person body language. Keeping your audience engaged as if it were in person is key to avoiding “Zoom fatigue.”

There are so many in-expensive ways to amplify what you rare able to do virtually in such a short amount of time. “The idea that you can help people see beyond what their own capabilities are and then actualize that, that feels very rewarding,” explains Samuels, “It’s just wonderful to see this.”

Check out to read up on Samuels’ article, and be sure to tune into the “Networking and Presenting Virtually with Robbie Samuels” episode on AHA Business Podcast for more details, tips, and tricks.

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