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Education and Awareness in the Context of Cybersecurity


As a business owner it’s your responsibility to make sure your company’s information is secure.

As a business owner, you don’t have time to become an expert in IT, but it is your responsibility to protect your data and your company from cyber security breaches. The risks of leaving your networks unprotected are dire. Most small businesses close within six months of experiencing a major hack due to financial losses that often come with them and the loss of brand integrity.

How should you educate your team in matters of cybersecurity?

Many basic computer issues can be avoided by implementing a few simple steps.

  • Maintain Updates:  Everything from your operating system to your web browsers need to be maintained with proper updates to ensure they work properly, and to make sure they are also secure. Developers are always working on ways to make their software safer to use and you should be taking advantage of their expertise.
  • Learn How to Spot Potential Red Flags: For example, you will never be asked by Google or any other software provider to provide your password outside of using it to log in. If a prompt comes up for you to put that information in somewhere else, odds are that’s not actually Google.
  • Crack Down on Account Sharing: Even within your company, account sharing should be kept to a minimum to minimize the potential for security breaches.  Each employee should be given their own login credentials to your various services so that you can track who is coming and going throughout your data.

This is only a preliminary set of measures that you can take to ensure security for your company. For a more in-depth review of your company’s network security, consult the expertise of cybersecurity professionals.  You should also talk to your insurance profession about insurance to protect your assets from cybersecurity attacks.

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