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Easy Ways To Keep Your Employees Engaged At Work


Keeping employees engaged is essential for a successful business!

Are your employees engaged in their jobs? There has been a decline in the engagement at work among U.S. employees the past few years, as workers feel like they do not own their work and aren’t satisfied with their jobs. One study from 2014 found that only one-third of employees were actually engaged in their jobs, while over half said they were “not engaged” and 17% responded even worse with “actively disengaged.” If this sounds familiar, continue reading to learn ways to help your employees feel more passionate about their work.

Why Do Employees Feel This Way?

Workers are feeling unengaged in their work for many reasons. One main reason is that they feel like they don’t have a voice and they aren’t being heard. Employees want to feel like their opinions matter, but even more so, they want their employers to take action on their concerns and input. Essentially, workers want to feel like their job matters and that they are valued by the company.

What Employers Can Do To Change This

Employers can counteract these feelings with small, yet effective interventions to increase employees’ sense of psychological ownership of their job. When an employee feels ownership over their job, they have an emotional connection to it and will likely have more interest in doing the job well. Improving workers’ sense of happiness with their jobs can be as easy as allowing them to personalize their workspace and by promoting mental health wellness in the office. If employees feel underappreciated, show them you trust them to make decisions. Compliment them when they do a good job. and by allowing them choose their own work title and giving them ownership of ideas or a team. Implementing these ideas do not cost anything to your company but will increase office morale and overall productivity, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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