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Combatting Disruptions in the Business World

Combatting Disruptions in the Business World

Adapting and evolving has never been more crucial for businesses, regardless if you are new to the game or have been in the industry for years. Technology is constantly changing and if you aren’t using it to the best of your ability, then you are missing out, and eventually will fall behind.

Mindgrub is a company that helps businesses stay ahead of the curve. They develop programs and other technologies that are easy to use and custom made to fit your business’s needs. Through the process they also offer advice to make the integration and training smoother, help develop strategy, and offer marketing services. They create custom mobile, web, and digital marketing services to bring companies to the digital world in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The recent “digital transformation” as Todd Marks, President of Mindgrub, puts it, has made it even more crucial for companies to be able to operate online and transform their business operation to match the current needs of the world. Mindgrub leverages emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, robotics, wearable tech, and mobile gaming to solve client challenges. “We focus on a lot of innovative things to position ourselves as a company along the future path of where man and machine are colliding. Basically, trying to make software you want to use,” explained Marks.

When starting a business, Todd says you have to have “the need, the experience and you have to ride some disruption.” This is true for continuing that business in a strong and successful manor. You have to learn how to leverage the disruptions, never get too comfortable, and constantly adapt to needs. This goes for not only meeting your client’s needs, but also meeting the needs of your own business. In the age of COVID-19. Businesses have to learn to adapt and put safety and employees first. They have to move online and change their entire method of doing things. This time has been a great lesson in how to evolve and make an advantage out of every disruption.

Take a listen to our podcast episode with Todd Marks to hear more about what his company has done specially to adapt to COVID, and what a lot of restaurants have done as well.

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