Why A Business Can Only Succeed If There Is Passion And A Dream


A successful business requires a passion and a dream!

We’ve discussed the importance of finding a personal ‘why’ in order to get to your business ‘why’. But what happens once that purpose is in place? Why are customers running to businesses who have a ‘why’? Business owners who have a dream and a passion are the most successful because they are not focused on making money. As a result, following your passion and dreams is what really makes the great business leaders stand out from the crowd.

Being Passionate Is Important

As Steve Jobs once said, “People with passion can change the world”. The most successful business leaders throughout history have been those that started with a dream and a passion and pursued it. In fact, these successful entrepreneurs didn’t think about money. They simply became steadfast in their vision and knew that eventually, the money would follow. Consider the mundane tasks that most leaders have to deal with on a daily basis. If leaders failed to have a dream or any passion, those mundane tasks would immediately become overwhelming and crush their business.

Finding The Right People

The most successful business leaders hire people that are smarter than them. In fact, business leaders should be mindful about hiring employees who have different ‘whys’ but share in the same passion and collective dream. Ideally, a successful business is built by a team of individuals who collectively challenge the CEO to work together. Understanding where people can thrive based on their ‘why’ and how it benefits the company as a whole is what makes a successful CEO stand-out from his less-than-stellar counterparts.

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