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How To Bridge The Office Generation Gap

Learn how to bridge the generation gap in your office.

Learn how to bridge the generation gap in your office.

It’s beneficial for an office to have employees of all ages, as everyone brings different perspectives and ideas to the workplace. However, it can be challenging to bridge the generation gap of an office veteran with many years of experience with a young millennial just entering the workforce. If the generation gap in your office is a source of conflict, read these few tips to learn how to bridge the gap for a more productive work environment.


Every generation responds differently to work environments, and have different sets of skills. For example, Baby Boomers (1946-1964) are hardworking and assertive, Generation X (1965-1980) are more self-reliant, and millennials (1980-2000) tend to be ambitious learners. With these different traits, it can be hard to get your office on the same page. That is why communication is very important, as you must talk openly with your employees about the company’s goals and the plans to reach those goals. Communication requires more than one voice, so be open to everyone’s opinions and ideas.


Many conflicts arise due to differences in core values between generations, which are an integral part of a person’s personality and often can’t be changed. Instead of trying to change an employee’s values, identify each age groups’ expectations in the office. Encourage workers of different ages to spend time together and learn about their interests and concerns to allow the staff to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Conflict Resolution

When conflicts do arise between employees, a productive office should be able to solve the problems respectively. Conflicts in the office can lead to office drama and can really affect workers, so discussing any problems as a team is important. Allow the workers to speak to each other calmly about their opinions so that everyone can see matters from their perspective.

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