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5 Traits that All Great Managers Have

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Check out the five traits that all great managers have.

As professionals, we’ve all had experiences with great managers and ones we thought could have more effective ways of leading. Every company needs a management team for various purposes, including to ensure the steady flow of all deliverables and to make sure that every employee has what they need to be successful in their respective roles. Great managers get this job done in an effective, timely, and respected way. Here are five traits that all great managers have.

Company Culture

Great managers are the driving force behind the culture of the company. They are able to effectively communicate that culture to new hires and help maintain it throughout the workday. A great manager is also able to reinforce that culture by being an example for the rest of the workforce.

Positive Attitude

Never underestimate the power of positivity. This is especially true for managers who have to handle and respond to conflict and challenges. Positivity is contagious and will help spread confidence throughout the office.  


Great managers understand the importance of prioritization. They have the focus required to attend to matters that require immediate action and schedule others to keep the flow of business smooth and productive. They are problem solvers that are able to assign levels of importance to various tasks.

Warmth and Empathy

A great manager fosters an environment where employees feel comfortable enough to communicate openly about their concerns and ideas. In many cases, they’ve worked up the ranks to management and therefore, understand the roles of other employees from first-hand experience. They are also encouraging but have high standards.


The ability to take accountability for goals, actions, and objectives is an essential trait that a great manager must have. They understand the why, what, and how for each task and can be honest about where the plan has fallen short and what needs to be done to ensure success.

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