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2 Examples Of Organizational Change Done Right

Organizational change is risky for any company, but can result in incredible rewards.

Organizational change is risky for any company but can result in incredible rewards.

Organizational change is risky and incredibly earth-shattering for a company to endure. However, when done right, a company can indeed prosper and reap incredible rewards by undergoing a reorganization. While change is always scary and radical, it sometimes may be the only way actually to shake things up. Whether a company is on the verge of collapse or looking to continue its incredible momentum, successful reorganization requires vision and flawless execution. Here are some examples of how to undergo a successful reorganization in your business.

A Brand-New CEO Turns A Legendary Company On Its Head

Sometimes an organizational change is needed after phenomenal and long-lived success becomes stagnant. Whenever a company starts to plateau, it may be necessary to shake things up. In fact, innovation is what fuels business success. As a result, shaking things up by merging companies in similar industries can be huge towards the general success of the business as a whole. Consider the merging of the Microsoft Research Group with the Bing, Cortana, and Information Platform Group to create a brand-new AI and Research Group. The goal was to be innovators in artificial intelligence across the entire Microsoft product line.

As the reorganization began, the new mission was shared with all employees. In fact, communicating the new vision of the brand-new enterprise allows all employees to be on the same page towards the same goals for the company as a whole. As a result, employees gain a sense of purpose and perspective, allowing them to have a significantly higher morale and increased employee engagement.

Google Splits Up Under The Alphabet Umbrella

At one time, Google needed to reorganize itself. In fact, for Google, breaking Google up into its various constituent parts, making each an independent division or company was a fantastic solution to a massive problem facing Google in the early 2000s. In order to make the change successful, the CEO let everyone at Google in on his thinking when he announced the launch of Alphabet. He communicated efficiently and explained that the reorganization would end up freeing the employees to be more productively on their own mission without having to be concerned about Google overall.

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